Most Christian school principals are very busy. Many do not have time to give their teachers the kind of 1-on-1 attention they would like to, when it comes to designing lesson plans that help students view all subjects in the context of a biblical world-and-life-view. Yet, this is what makes Christian education Christian.  

Principals, this service was created to give you a hand! 

Trained coaches will work with individual teachers through a process of preparing specific lesson plans using tools especially created for this purpose, such as, the "Conversation Starter," the "Awesome Activator," the "Truth & Baloney Detector," and more. [Click on names to view examples.]

  • 1 classroom teacher + 1 administrator/supervisor + 1 coach meet together (on-line) for 1 video conference of 45-60 minutes.
  • The coach and teacher walk together through a process whereby the teacher constructs a specific lesson plan that will help students to see the subject matter in the context of a biblical world-and-life-view. 
  • The principal/supervisor observes the process and provides on-site support for the teacher.
  • If a teacher/principal/supervisor would like more training sessions with the coach's involvement, up to 4 sessions are possible.

Who are the coaches?
All coaches have been trained and certified by Worldview Matters® as practitioners who understand and practice "biblical worldview integration" themselves. 

Each coach has demonstrated competency through a 2-year professional development program emphasizing biblical worldview integration, called the WRAP [Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project]. 

Many of our coaches are classroom teachers themselves.   

  • $65 for the first (or single) session.
  • The 2nd session with the same teacher is $60, the 3rd is $55, and the 4th is $50. 
  • Go to Worldview Matters "Books & Coaching" to make payment securely on-line for the first (or single) session. Click the "Live Lesson Plan Design Coaching Session" image. Payments for multiple sessions are made "off-line."
  • If you are not satisfied with the coaching service, your fee will be refunded.  

  • Upon receipt of payment, a Worldview Matters®  representative will contact you to work out the conference time, and share the conference preparation details.
  • If you wish to discuss this service with Dr. Overman before deciding to avail yourself of it, use our convenient contact form, here.

Does Worldview Matters® offer more training? 

Yes, we offer a full professional development program for entire Christian school staffs focusing on the skills of biblical worldview integration through a proven training plan, called the "WRAP," Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project. Click here.

To learn more about Worldview Matters® visit our website here.