Most Christian school principals do not have time to give their teachers the kind of 1-on-1 attention they would like, when it comes to designing lesson plans that help students view all subjects in the context of a biblical worldview. Yet, this is what makes Christian education Christian.  

Principals, this service was created to give you a hand! 

Through the 30-Minute Coaching service, any school principal or supervisor, along with a classroom teacher, may spend 30 minutes with a Worldview Matters® certified  coach working through a lesson plan together using 1 of 6 integration planning tools, such as the "Conversation Starter," the "Awesome Activator," the "Truth & Baloney Detector," and more. 

  • 1 classroom teacher + 1 Worldview Matters® Certified Coach + 1 school principal or supervisor meet together (on-line) for a video conference of 30 minutes.
  • Prior to this session, the classroom teacher sends the Worldview Matters® Coach some basic information on what the particular subject matter is, and what grade level. 
  • During the 30-minute video conference, the Coach walks the teacher (with the principal observing) through a process whereby a specific lesson plan is constructed (by the teacher, with coaching by the Coach) that will help students to see the subject matter in the context of a biblical worldview, using a specific planning tool developed by Worldview Matters®. The Coach does not create the lesson plan, but the teacher creates it, with guidance from the Coach. 

Who are the coaches?
All coaches have been trained and certified by Worldview Matters®. Some may be administrators, and some may be teachers,  but all have been approved for this kind of coaching.

Each coach will have demonstrated competency through a 2-year professional development program emphasizing biblical worldview integration, called the WRAP [Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project]. 

  • $35 per session.
  • If you are not satisfied with the coaching service, your fee will be refunded.  

  • Upon receipt of payment, a Worldview Matters®  representative will contact you to work out the conference time, and discuss any conference preparation details.
  • If you wish to discuss this service with Dr. Overman before deciding to avail yourself of it, use our convenient contact form, here.

Does Worldview Matters® offer more training? 

Yes, we offer a full professional development program for entire Christian school staffs focusing on the skills of biblical worldview integration through a proven training plan, called the "WRAP," Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project. Click here.

To learn more about Worldview Matters® visit our website here.