Few things are more effective in learning how to teach from a biblical perspective than 1-on-1 coaching sessions. 

Classroom teachers may spend 30 minutes with a certified Worldview Matters coach, on-line via video conferencing, anywhere in the world, developing a lesson plan using proven planning tools, such as the "Conversation Starter," "Awesome Activator," "Truth & Baloney Detector," and more. 

It works!
  • A principal sent this message to Dr. Overman after two of her teachers were coached: "The ladies that went through the coaching on Wednesday raved about it. They said it was 'life changing conversation' and 'truly amazing!'" 
  • A teacher wrote: "I was able to use the questions for discussion right away in my classroom. The tools I learned during my training were so practical, and just felt like a clear framework for what I already teach and hope to model as a Christ-follower in the classroom."
  • Another principal wrote: "We sure enjoyed our meetings and gained so much from your teachings. This has really been beneficial!" 

  • $35 per 30-minute session. 
  • After ordering a coaching session, a certified coach will contact you via e-mail to work out the conference time, and to discuss any coaching preparation details.
  • Coaching sessions are conduced anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.
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